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Why Grain-Free Dog Food?

Updated: Jun 16, 2023

It’s no secret that the health and wellness industry is having a moment. People everywhere are finding ways to live healthier lives – eating cleaner, exercising more and practicing better self-care. If you’ve taken a trip to your local grocery store recently, you’ve probably noticed the influx of organic foods and supplements – and it’s not just limited to human food, it has also infiltrated the pet food section. Retailers are making it easier than ever before to customize your dog’s diet to better suit his or her individual needs. A “one size fits all” approach to eating doesn’t work for humans – and it doesn’t have to be the only option for our beloved fur babies anymore either.

There is a good chance you know someone who has chosen to go grain-free – or maybe you have taken grain out of your own diet, choosing to go Paleo, Keto, giving the “Whole 30” diet a shot. All three have been proven to provide a wide range of benefits – from weight-loss to helping identify pre-disposed conditions like celiac disease – and as a result, people are changing the way they eat. Recognizing that a grain-free lifestyle could potentially have the same positive results for our pups, our beloved four-legged friends now have more grain-free options to live a healthier, happier life.

There are many benefits associated with introducing your dog to a grain-free lifestyle. If you suspect your dog may be suffering from skin or food-related allergies, there is a good chance that wheat or grain-based ingredients are part of the problem. The most prevalent reactive ingredients that can be attributed to food insensitivities in dogs are chicken, corn, wheat gluten, soy, and potatoes. For decades, these ingredients were the foundation for the handful of dog food products available in the market.

But those times have changed. Zignature has formulated the world’s safest pet food products, designed to provide your pet with the perfect balance of nutrients to benefit your dog. The brand’s extensive line of dog foods feature meat first, limited ingredient formulations, excluding those ingredients, like grain, that are associated with digestive issues and skin reactions.

Why Grain-Free Dog Food?

Grain-free dog foods contain more protein and animal fats than their grain-based counterparts. This makes them easier to digest, and generally lower in carbohydrates. Because they are high in protein, grain-free dog food can help to keep your dog more satiated for a longer period of time – meaning they will likely need to eat less frequently to help manage canine weight issues – which can cause serious health risks in dogs. With over 50% of dogs in the U.S classified as obese, there is a good chance your dog may benefit from a diet that helps keep off the extra pounds.

A high protein, grain-free diet also means stronger muscles and bones, shinier coats and healthier skin, and can strengthen their immune system.  A healthier coat and healthier skin associated with a high protein, grain-free diet can even reduce shedding. Because grain is one of the top food allergens for canines, a high protein, grain-free food regimen can work to reduce exposure (and the nasty symptoms that can follow) to food allergens.

Grain-free diets can even improve your dog’s breath and other gastrointestinal issues. Because they are easier on the digestive system than their grain-based counterparts, a grain-free diet can result in better digestion and less flatulence.

Choosing the best grain-free dog food

When it comes to choosing the best grain-free dog food for your pet, Zignature makes it easy to find a dog food they will love. Zignature’s extensive lines of dog food make it easy to give your dog the benefits of grain-free dog food without giving up taste. Zignature’s meat-first, grain-free, limited ingredient recipes give your dogs the protein diet they need to thrive, while eliminating allergenic ingredients such as wheat. The result is an optimal hypoallergenic, grain-free, low carb nutrition for your dog.

In addition to their meat-first, grain-free formulas, Zignature’s dog foods include vital supplements such as antioxidants, essential fatty acids, and a complete spectrum of vitamins and minerals for holistic pet food that goes beyond nature to become your pet’s signature food for life.

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