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Zignature Select Cuts is formulated to serve canine companions’ needs by delivering a high-quality, well-balanced formula. The food is a grain-inclusive, legume-free solution that is available in dry formulas: Trout & Salmon Meal Formula, Lamb & Lamb Meal Formula and Turkey Formula. Each formula features the first two ingredients as an animal or fish protein to provide dogs with the highest amount of nutrients.


Why Zignature Select Cuts?


No Legume

Legumes such as peas, lentils, and beans can increase plant proteins in dog food, but not in the form that your dog can effectively digest. Zignature® Select Cuts formula are always legume-free to help reduce food intolerance and plant protein allergies.


No Chicken 

Chicken is a common allergy cause for dogs. Our Zignature® Select Cuts formula is crafted in a chicken-free kitchen. We are 100% free of chicken, meaning no chicken eggs, chicken meals, chicken flavouring, or any chicken by-products, whatsoever.


No Potato

Potato contains high-glycemic carbohydrates, which can be bad. They raise the blood sugar and over time insulin resistance can occur. Our Zignature® Select Cuts formula with no potato reduces the risk of diabetes, heart diseases and even obesity in dogs.


Organic Ingredient

All of our millet, oats, sunflower meals, flaxseed, sunflower oil, and quinoa are non-GMO. There are several common GMO crops included in dog food such as soy, corn, potatoes, and tomatoes, posses risks of the suffered immune system and abnormal gastrointestinal growth in dogs which we didn't use in Zignature® Select Cuts formula.



Lamb & Lamb Meal 

Trout & Salmon Meal



Select Cuts 25lb